Opening date for one-page abstract submission:
30 January, 2018
Deadline for one-page abstract submission:
7 April, 2018
Deadline of extended abstract submission:
30 June, 2018

Guideline for Extended Abstract Submission

Please read the following guideline for the abstract submission and REPLACE your 1-page abstract with your extended abstract.

*** IF YOU MISTAKENLY FILLED WRONG TITLE, AUTHORS' NAMES, OR INSTITUTIONS' NAMES IN IEEE COPYRIGHT TRANSFER FORM DURING THE 1-PAGE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION, you must submit your extended abstract by creating a new submission! Please do not edit your existing submission. Please read the guideline for new submission here. ***
  • Prepare an extended abstract by modifying your 1-page abstract that you already submitted. Note that only abstracts which use our template for 1-page abstract will be accepted for publication! If you did not do so for your 1-page abstract, please download it from the abstract submission system.
  • An extended abstract must be within 2 pages for an oral or poster contribution, 3 pages for a keynote talk, and 4 pages for a plenary talk.
  • Go to the abstract submission system (from the link below) and log into the system with your account.
  • Click "Abstracts" -> "Your Submissions" and click the title of your abstract to go to your existing submission.
  • Proceed to "Abstract Details" step and click "Attach ..." button to go to "Abstract Attach" step. PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING ELSE other than uploading your extended abstract.
  • Click a link to IEEE PDF eXpress and log in there with the Conference ID 42161X and with the same account as you submitted your 1-page abstract. Reuse the existing Paper ID by clicking "Try Again" option and convert your Word abstract file into PDF format.
  • Delete the existing 1-page abstract by clicking "Delete" button. Then, upload the converted PDF abstract file by clicking "Attach" button.
  • Proceed to "Abstract Summary and Submit" button and click "Confirm" button.
  • You will receive an e-mail notification of your abstract submission.

Link to Abstract Submission System

Abstract Submission is closed.

Topics of IRMMW-THz 2018

One topic for your abstract must be chosen from the following:

  • Astronomy, Planetary and Environmental Science
  • Applications in Biology and Medicine
  • Applications in Industry, Security and Inspection
  • Spectroscopy and Material Properties
  • Spectroscopy of Gases, Liquids, and Solids
  • Sources, Detectors, and Receivers
  • Imaging and Remote Sensing
  • Modeling and Analysis Techniques
  • Metamaterial Structures and Applications
  • Devices, Components, and Systems
  • High-Field THz Wave Generation and Nonlinear THz Physics
  • MM and sub-MM wave systems
  • Laser Driven THz Sources
  • Quantum Cascade Lasers
  • Gyro-Oscillators and Amplifiers
  • Free Electron Lasers and Synchrotron Radiation
  • Ultrafast Measurements
  • Metrology
  • MMW and THz Wave Radar and Communications
  • 2D Materials for MMW, THz, IR applications