Technical Program

Plenary Speakers

Qing Hu (KJBP), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"The Long Journey from Far-infrared to THz"
Tyler Cocker, Universitat Regensburg
"Terahertz microscopy down to the atomic scale"
Susumu Komiyama, The University of Tokyo
"Imaging fluctuations in matter on nano-scales -Scanning noise microscope (SNoiM)-"
Ajay Nahata, The University of Utah
Charles Schmuttenmaer, Yale University
"Two Decades of Terahertz Transient Photoconductivity Spectroscopy: Where do We Stand, and Where are We Going?"
Joo-Hiuk Son, University of Seoul
"Toward Cancer Treatment Using Terahertz Radiation"
Miriam Vitiello, NEST, CNR-Istituto Nanoscienze and Scuola Normale Superiore
"Tailored nano-electronics and photonics with 2D materials"
Maxim Zhadobov, Université de Rennes 1
"Millimeter-wave technologies for body-centric applications"
Xi-Cheng Zhang, University of Rochester
"THz Aqueous Photonics"

Keynote Speakers

Enrique Castro Camus (YSA), Center for Research in Optics
"The 2018 Young Scientist Award Lecture: Terahertz Diagnostics In Multidisciplinary Fields"

Ehsan Afshari, University of Michigan
"Filling the THz Gap with Sand: THz Systems on CMOS"

Richard Averitt, UC San Diego
"Investigation of C-Axis Electrodynamics in Cuprates using THz Spectroscopy"

Motoaki Bamba, Osaka University
"Vacuum Bloch-Siegert Shift in Cyclotron Resonance of GaAs 2DEG (tentative)"

Houtong Chen, Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Metasurfaces for Broadband Polarization Conversions (tentative)"

David G. Cooke, McGill University
"THz field Emission of Femtosecond Electron Pulses"

Tie Jun Cui, Southeast University
"Information Metamaterials - From Concept to Systems"

Gregory Denisov, Russian Academy of Sciences
"Recent Results in IAP/GYCOM Development of Megawatt Gyrotrons"

Mikhail Glyavin, IAP Russian Academy of Sciences
"Terahertz Gyrotrons with Unique Parameters (tentative)"

Thijs de Graauw, ESO and ASC-LPI
"Submm Astronomy from Ground and Space: Evolution and Future Perspectives"

Christoph Hauri , Paul Scherrer Institut
"Strong-field Physics at Terahertz Frequencies(tentative)"

Tetsuo Hasegawa, NAOJ Chile Observatory
"Millimeter and Submillimeter Astronomy with ALMA: Achievements and Future Expectations"

Martina Havenith, Ruhr-University Bochum Universitätstsr
"Probing Solvation Dynamics by THz Non Linear Spectroscopy"

Frank Hegmann, University of Alberta
"Progress and Challenges in Terahertz Scanning Tunneling Microscopy"

Mark Henderson, ITER organization
"Microwave Heating in ITER (tentative)"

Hiroshi Ito, Kitasato University
"Fermi-Level Managed Barrier Diode: A Room-Temperature Low-Noise Terahertz-Wave Detector (tentative)"

Franz X. Kärtner, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
"Compact THz Accelerators: From Fiction to Reality"

Fritz Keilmann, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
"All-electronic THz Nanoscopy"

Dai-Sik Kim, Seoul National University
"Terahertz Rectification in a Macroscopic Ring of Quantum Barriers(tentative)"

Dietmar Kissinger, Technische Universität Berlin
"Breath Gas Detection with a Millimeter-Wave/THz Spectrometer in BiCMOS Technology"

Wojciech Knap, Montpellier University
"Field Effect Transistors based Terahertz Detectors 25 years History and Possible Future Developments"

Thomas Kürner, Technische Universität Braunschweig
"Turning THz Communications into Reality: Status on Technology, Standardisation and Regulation (tentative)"

Fabian Langer, Universität Regensburg
"Terahertz Quasiparticle Acceleration: Electron-hole Collisions and Lightwave Valleytronics"

Javier Mateos, Universidad de Salamanca
"Planar Asymmetric Semiconductor Nanodiodes for THz Detection"

Daniel Mittleman, Brown University
"Characterization of Indoor and Outdoor THz Wireless Links"

Tadao Nagatsuma, Osaka University
"Terahertz Applications Inspired by Photonics (tentative)"

Pernille Klarskov Pedersen, Aarhus University
"Imaging on the Nanoscale with THz Time-domain, Emission and Pump-Probe Microscopy (tentative)"

Hartmut Roskos, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität
"THz Detection with Field-Effect Transistors:The Role of Plasma Waves and of Thermoelectric Contributions (tentative)"

Giacomo Scalari, ETH Zurich
"On-Chip Broadband THz Frequency Combs (tentative)"

Andreas Sthör, University Duisburg-Essen
"Integrated Microwave-Photonic (iMWP) Chips for Mobile Terahertz Systems"

Hitoshi Tabata, The University of Tokyo
"IR and THz Characterization of Bio Related Materials and Analysis by Machine Learning"

Jun Takeda, Yokohama National University
"THz-Field-Driven Electron Tunneling on the Nanoscale (tentative)"

Koichiro Tanaka, Kyoto University
"Extreme Nonlinear Optics in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers"

Lyuba Titova, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Terahertz Spectroscopy of Nanomaterials for Energy Appliclations (tentative)"

Yanko Todorov, University Paris VII
"Metamaterial-Enhanced Quantum Infrared Detectors (tentative)"

Dmitry Turchinovich, Max Planck Institute
"Terahertz Response of Graphene is Governed by Basic Thermodynamics (tentative)"

Karl Unterrainer , Technische Universitaet Wien
"Generating and shaping light in the THz frequency range"

Konstantin L. Vodopyanov, University of Central Florida
"Massively parallel Sensing of Trace Molecules with Mid-IR Combs"

Axel Zeitler, University of Cambridge
"Terahertz Spectroscopy as a Tool to Investigate the Role of Disorder in Long-Range Molecular Vibrations"

Ya Zhang, The University of Tokyo
"Novel Bolometric Terahertz Detection using a Doubly Clamped MEMS Beam Resonator (tentative)"